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You Don’t Need Expensive, BullSh*t Sales Trainings That Rely On Psychology, NLP Or Authority To Get Good At Selling

The Closing Code Is The RED PILL Of Sales Coaching Training
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The No-B.S. Approach To Sales Training

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The key to every business’ survival is - you guessed it - the ability to close sales.

Ever wish you could …
  • Slice through objections like a warm knife cutting through butter?
  • Have sales conversations that are so good it’s like playing a game of conversational chess - and you win every time?
  • Increase your close rate without feeling like you have to become some kind of woo weirdo?
So did members of my week-to-week sales coaching program, The Closing Code.

They were sick of all the expensive programs out there that charged $2k, $5k, even $10k for sales training.

They were sick of learning about NLP and psychology and woo.

And they were definitely sick of feeling like they had to turn themselves into someone they were not - like some greasy used car salesman - in order to make a sale.

Or worse yet, a Grant Cardone-wannabe.

They didn’t want any of that. They just wanted to know WHAT and HOW to say what their prospects needed to hear in order to close more sales.
No problem!

That’s why I created The Closing Code, my online sales coaching program. And guess what? It WORKS.
The bullet points above that talk about the button and the conversational chess game? Those were actual testimonials of the results people who joined The Closing Code experienced.
The Closing Code makes sense of sales - and it shows!

What Is The Closing Code?

The Closing Code is a week-by-week online sales coaching program where you can get training and LIVE coaching from sales experts like James Rees-Hopkins and myself.

Yeah, you read that right … week-by-week. As in no contracts.

Oh, and there are zero high-ticket fees. I believe you shouldn’t have to pay thousands to improve your skills and get good at sales.

And the BEST part is this isn’t just like every other program out there.
The Closing Code Gives TONS Of Value With NONE Of The B.S.

What Is The Closing Code?

Step 1:  Join. You pay just $25 for the first week!
Step 2:  Get blasted (in a good way) by the weekly live expert coaching, 15-minute coaching calls, live role plays, online platform with video trainings, and much more.
Step 3:  Stay as long as you feel you are getting value. Each week after week one is just $50 per week for UNLIMITED ACCESS. You can bug out whenever no hard feelings.
Except you’re not going to want to leave, because we deliver. Seriously, if you can’t improve with this amount of help, then you’re literally not even trying to get better.

The trainings, expert coaching and other resources inside The Closing Code are worth at least $1k-$2k per month. It’s insane that I’m charging so little!

When You Join, You Get UNLIMITED ACCESS To:

Sales Sniper

Weekly Live Coaching in the Facebook Group with Matt

Worth = Your firstborn child.
Every week Matt goes live in the Facebook group with a Sales Sniper training. He covers subjects like calling leads, sales scripts, handling objections, and more.
Sales Sniper

Daily Educational Content

Worth = The price of a doctorate degree. At Harvard.
We’re also dropping value bombs on a daily basis inside the private Closing Code Facebook group.
Sales Sniper

Monthly 15-Minute Coaching Calls

Worth = Giving up your favorite food forever.
Everybody needs a kick in the pants sometimes. Well, that’s what we’re here for. If you get off track, just hop on a 15-minute coaching call with one of the coaches. We’ll answer your questions, help you see where you feel stuck and get you back on track.
Sales Sniper

Daily Sales Role Play (6x weekly)

Worth = All the cows in Texas. That’s a lot of cows.
The best way to get good at something is through repetition and practising until a skill is mastered. That’s why the Sales Sniper team does daily role plays - and now Closing Code members get to watch! Hour-long role plays with the Sales Sniper team livestream into the private Facebook group six times a week, and you have access to them all.
Sales Sniper

Closing Code Private Community

Worth = Pulling your nose hairs out one by one.
All the cool closers (and coaches) hang out in our private Facebook group. This is where the weekly live trainings take place, as well as where you can come to interact with the coaches and get all your questions answered.
Sales Sniper

Online Sales Training Portal

Worth = Flying coach next to the smelly guy.
Inside the training portal you’ll find dozens of video modules available to you 24/7. These videos are solid gold when it comes to sales training, and they contain the exact same strategies and practices we use to train our high-level Sales Sniper teams.
Topics include:
  • Selling Via Messenger
  • Live Sales Calls
  • Non-ROI Programs
  • ​High Level Data
  • ​Selling With Memes
  • ​SOPs
  • ​Objection Prevention
  • ​And more!
  • ​High Ticket Sales

Total Value = $1,378,405,119.63*

*Obviously, I’m just messing with you on this offer stack. I think offer stacks are dumb. This program is worth a whole LOT more than I’m charging for it because the skills you’ll learn here can be applied to any sales situation in your business to dramatically improve your conversion rates. Talk about priceless!
Regular Price $50 weekly

Join Today & Pay $25
For The First Week!

(In Aussie Dollarydoos.) Membership is $50 per week after the first week.

What’s It Like Working With Us?

Meet Your Coaches

Matt Boon
Matt Ryder
Matt is an ex-special forces sniper turned sales sniper. When he owned and operated gyms, he learned that selling is essential to helping people get out of their own way so they can achieve what they want. He has spent the last few years selling full-time as a commission only sales rep and has achieved the rare feat of making seven figures in commissions and averaging close to one million every month in contract value.
James Rees-Hopkins
James Rees-Hopkins
James is the Head of Coaching at Sales Sniper. He handles the Closing Code Group together with Matt Ryder. 

But Matt, What If …

Is that a “but” I hear? You know what they say about butts and excuses - everybody has one, and they all stink.

So you haven’t clicked the button to join yet. That means you have questions. Let me just answer those for you right now.
  • What if this doesn’t work for me?
    The training and coaching inside The Closing Code are the same skills we teach our high-level team of Sales Snipers - you know, the ones who close an average of $1.5 million per month for my agency’s high-ticket clients.

    On average members of The Closing Code increase their closing rate by 25% in just 30 days. If you do the work, watch the trainings, show up for the live coaching, and get in on as many of the daily role plays as you can, it will work.

    You’re going to love it, but even if you don’t, we’ve got you covered with our no-questions asked 7-Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • What if I don’t have time to learn how to hone my sales skills?
    So … you don’t have time to make more money? Because that’s basically what you’re saying by not taking the time to dive in to honing your sales skills. We’re making it as easy as possible for you inside The Closing Code by making the trainings in the portal around five minutes long - super short and actionable. Plus they’re available inside the portal 24/7 so you can watch them on demand.

    Everything we’ve created for The Closing Code is designed for you to learn then implement. If you dive in and devote even a small amount of time each day, you’ll be taking action and getting results fast.

  • What if I think $50 a week is a lot of money?
    You won’t once you get into the platform and the Facebook group and see how much value is packed into this program. Plus the first week is only $25. Try it out for 7 days at half price. There’s NO risk - if you’re not convinced this is the most valuable, affordable sales training you’ve ever had within the first 7 days, contact us and we’ll give you a refund.

    There’s no contract and zero commitment. When you join The Closing Code, it’s a week-by-week membership. Stay as long as you like, but there’s no signing on the dotted line or strings attached.

    Also, did you notice above where I told you that on average, members of The Closing Code increase their closing rate by 25% in just 30 days? What would a 25% increase in your closing rate do for your bottom line? Talk about making a worthwhile investment!

  • What if I’m not sure how to get started?
    Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything in the welcome email. If you have questions, head on over to the private Closing Code Group on Facebook and ask. We’ll be glad to help.
  • What if I’m just not cut out for sales?
    The number one most important thing you can do for it. Sure, there might be some people who are just natural salesmen, but most people are good at sales because they’ve studied and practiced it.

    Sales is a skill, and skills can be learned. The Closing Code provides straight-up sales training that really works. None of that NLP bullsh*t or Grant Cardone d-bag “charisma” stuff. With the right training, anyone can be good at sales.

  • What if this won’t work for my niche?
    Everybody thinks their niche is “different”. But the training inside The Closing Code works for any niche, across the board. Click the button, join the program and we’ll be glad to show you how.


  • Weekly Live Trainings from Expert Sales Coaches $1000 Value
  • 15-Minute Coaching Calls $1000 Value
  • ​Daily Sales Role Play $1000 Value
  • Online Sales Training Portal $1000 Value
  • Closing Code Private Community$1000 Value
Total Value = $1,378,405,119.63*
Regular Price $50 weekly

Join Today & Pay $25
For The First Week!

(In Aussie Dollarydoos.) Membership is $50 per week after the first week.

Our Members Become Sales Savages!

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